Assess. Educate. Certify.

Working with CAT1 Basic Computer Skills

Computers are everywhere. Children, students, adults, and business people use computers every day for work or play.

Knowing the basics of using a computer is critical to success in school and in the workplace.

CAT1 is a dynamic program designed to teach and assess basic computer skills commonly used in academic and professional enviornments. With CAT1, it's easy to:

  • Assess basic computer skills and technological fluency.
  • Demonstrate mastery of essential computer skills.
  • Educate with the built-in learning program.
  • Certify basic computer fluency skills and knowledge.

Easy online testing

Immediate results. CAT1 is a performance-based program. As participants complete each assessement, the results are immediately scored. The system diagnoses participantsí performance on each task and, if needed, prescribes an accessible learning unit to provide education related to the task.

Accessible 24/7. The assessment component is not timed and can be taken any time at any place with an Internet connection. Participants can start and stop the test as needed. They can even come back and finish it later.

Beneficial Solution. CAT1 offers more than assessment, education, and certification. The program:

  • Complies with Title II requirements for eighth-grade students crossing the digital divide and achieving technology literacy.
  • Equips users with skills needed to achieve success in the workplace.
  • Serves as professional development for educators and employees.